GRTC – what a team

At the Revival Mario is part of the GRTC (Goodwood Revival Transport Corps), this is a group of volunteers who provide and often drive classic vehicles to support the event. The group includes the taxi’s, jeeps, delivery/commercial vehicles, police, mods and rockers and static and display vehicles. As no post 66 vehicles are allowed on site even the milk and the post is delivered in classic transport!

Most of the GRTC have been doing it for a number of years and so the Thursday before the event when we attend a briefing is always quite social and it is great fun catching up with old friends. Although it’s a lot of fun being part of the GRTC it involves long days and a lot of hard work. As taxi’s we are responsible for moving drivers, team members, guests, VIPs, press and staff around the site and between the Hotel, House, Kennels and Circuit. The GRTC taxi fleet is a mixture of original FX3 Black cabs and an assortment of classics from 1948-1966 which as well as ‘Mario’ includes a Renault 4cv, Subaru 360, Hillman Minx, Humber Sceptre, Jowett Javelin and AC Buckland’s. Mario with his unique seat formation and ability to quickly convert from seats to a flat load area is perfect for the job.

One of the best bits of doing the GRTC is the people you get to meet – most are charming, enthusiastic, interesting and enjoy their experience of travelling in a unique period vehicle. The bonus of course is giving celebrities a ride but they are often more interested in chatting about the car they are travelling in as for them it is often a new and exciting experience. Over the years quite a few of the celebrities have come to know us quite well and will come and find us over the weekend for a chat and a ride.

Some of the GRTC taxi crew

Matt takes Sir Jackie Stewart in the AC

The Subaru 360 is the smallest taxi but the passengers love it

Putting the roof down on 'Regie' the 4cv

Triumph Vitesse

The Police Force


A bit more posing!

Mario doesn’t like to ‘show off’ but he does get to meet so many interesting people in the course of his ‘job’, so here are a few more you might recognise…

Sir Jackie Stewart was delighted to pose by Mario although he got a lift in the AC

Amanda Stretton was filming in the hair salon – we thought she matched Mario rather well.

Adrian Newey was lucky to catch us just as we were leaving the circuit during a Monsoon on Saturday evening, we ran him back to the hotel. Adrian is a big fan of Mario and has been for a ride on several occasions, he likes to chat about the design features and how advanced they were for the time – maybe he’ll take some inspiration for the Red Bull although I don’t think they need anymore help this year, they could clinch the drivers title as early as this weekend in Singapore.

Last but not least some of Mario’s old friends – 007 with the ‘Bond Villians’. These great guys from Derbyshire do the Revival every year complete with pussy, golf clubs and an awesome picnic hamper designed by ‘Q’ – amazingly they can all fit in the Multipla!



Had to post this pic of Mario’s cutest passenger. This lovely little chap (sorry I don’t know his name) was sitting patiently in the salon while his Mum had her hair done. He was pleased to sit in Mario and really looked the part with his little suit, satchel and gas mask. There were loads of cute kids dressed up this year, including a little lad being towed round in a toy jeep wearing a tiny army uniform (not sure if he was one of the actors) through to a baby in a hand knitted ‘hoodie’ straight from a 50’s knitting pattern and lots of pigtailed girls in floral dresses and ankle socks. Quite a few original prams and pushchairs too, really nice to see whole families getting into the spirit of the event.


Not all the action was on the ground…

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While there is so much going on at the Revival, one mustn’t forget to look to the sky for some great action. Here are a few pics of an assortment of arial moments – the Spitfire flying over Thursday’s cricket match, the sun setting behind the parked up Spitfire on Thursday evening, Sally B from the Spirit of Aviation display, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight on Saturday and the amazing sight of 10 Spitfires flying together on Sunday to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Spitfire.

Safely home

Mario is now safely home after a fantastic weekend, he ran wonderfully and didn’t misbehave all weekend despite doing over 200km in what are very difficult conditions. We’ve seen lots of great things and met some super people. The next task is to sort through and post some pics but to keep you going here’s one of Will Young and his friend Chris in Mario.