GRTC – what a team

At the Revival Mario is part of the GRTC (Goodwood Revival Transport Corps), this is a group of volunteers who provide and often drive classic vehicles to support the event. The group includes the taxi’s, jeeps, delivery/commercial vehicles, police, mods and rockers and static and display vehicles. As no post 66 vehicles are allowed on site even the milk and the post is delivered in classic transport!

Most of the GRTC have been doing it for a number of years and so the Thursday before the event when we attend a briefing is always quite social and it is great fun catching up with old friends. Although it’s a lot of fun being part of the GRTC it involves long days and a lot of hard work. As taxi’s we are responsible for moving drivers, team members, guests, VIPs, press and staff around the site and between the Hotel, House, Kennels and Circuit. The GRTC taxi fleet is a mixture of original FX3 Black cabs and an assortment of classics from 1948-1966 which as well as ‘Mario’ includes a Renault 4cv, Subaru 360, Hillman Minx, Humber Sceptre, Jowett Javelin and AC Buckland’s. Mario with his unique seat formation and ability to quickly convert from seats to a flat load area is perfect for the job.

One of the best bits of doing the GRTC is the people you get to meet – most are charming, enthusiastic, interesting and enjoy their experience of travelling in a unique period vehicle. The bonus of course is giving celebrities a ride but they are often more interested in chatting about the car they are travelling in as for them it is often a new and exciting experience. Over the years quite a few of the celebrities have come to know us quite well and will come and find us over the weekend for a chat and a ride.

Some of the GRTC taxi crew

Matt takes Sir Jackie Stewart in the AC

The Subaru 360 is the smallest taxi but the passengers love it

Putting the roof down on 'Regie' the 4cv

Triumph Vitesse

The Police Force

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