A very sunny day at the Haslemere Classic Car Show

My human’s organise the Haslemere Classic Car Show every year on Lion Green, Haslemere. It’s a lovely friendly event with a great vintage atmosphere of a tradition fete. Lots of lovely cars, people dressed up and quality stalls selling crafts, art, local produce, vintage and classic car related products.

The day is in two parts a morning tour round the beautiful local countryside with a stop at a place of interest – this year Tangmere Aviation Museum – and the static show on the green.

This year it was a glorious sunny day. Typically I’m used as a workhorse to transport all the ‘stuff’ to the show and then as my Human’s are too busy organising to go on the tour I have to sit around posing until the cars come back from the tour. As always I gathered quite a crowd, my popularity never ceases to amaze me but at this show I can’t be judged, favouritism and all that! The best dressed car and driver competition had some great entries.

I had my picture taken lots of times but I particularly love these ones taken when stunning forties model Fleur-de-Guerre was trying me out for size!

All in all great day out, to finish here is a pic of my new companions – really for next weekend when we are taking part in the Jubilee Carnival – they had a little advance outing to the Car Show.

And finally my human’s, a bit weary after a long day but happy that the show had gone so well and ready to start organising 2013!



Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

At last the sun had come out so Mario set off on Sunday to Hayling Island for the Victory Wheelers custom car show. Held in a carpark by the funfair and right by the beach meant the cars had a lovely backdrop. Supposed to be a custom/American show Mario was let in as he was ‘interesting’.

We were a bit late getting to Hayling and saw a number of interesting vehicles coming the other way, possibly leaving early as although it was sunny there was a rather fierce wind blowing off the sea. There was still a reasonable crowd there including a very rare Simca Aronde Plein Ciel, the only known example in the UK we have known and loved this car for a long time and were pleased to see it back on the road after an eight year lay up.

After a stop off for chips and ice cream – well you can’t go to the seaside without having them, we had a great drive back through the country lanes, all as pretty as a picture in the much needed sunshine.







Working hard at PR

Mario spent today working hard at the local Charter Fair to promote the forthcoming Haslemere Classic Car Show which his humans help to organise. After a rather damp set-up and start the sun finally came out and a good afternoon was had by all. Sharing the stand with a 1900 De Dion Bouton, Mario was the bright young thing and did a great job doing what comes naturally  – creating attention. Lots of people were given leaflets about the event to be held at the end of May which will hopefully mean we have a big crowd at the show.

Mario and the De Dion on the stand – Mario respects his elders and let the De Dion use the gazebo!

Parade of Town Criers from all over the country who were here to take part in a Town Crier competition.

I’m a celebrity, get me out of here…

Poor Mario, set off for the Goodwood Breakfast club today but due to the recent wet weather Goodwood decided not to open the fields for public parking as there were fears they would become too damaged before the Festival of Speed. Well Mario picked up the traffic jam before the Kennels and it was soooo slow. All the traffic had to go past the circuit, round the Rolls Royce rounderbout and back to the circuit where they tried to park all the cars – themed and public. Even though it was wet, Supercar Sunday always attracts the biggest crowd so it was chaos!

We don’t normally bother with this one as Supercars aren’t really our thing but as we wanted to promote the Haslemere Classic Car show we persevered. It took over two and a half hours from Haslemere to the circuit, worse then on a major event day. Poor Mario was very confused, he just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t just waved passed as he is when being a taxi at the Revival – he thought that no one realised he was a celebrity!

However as always he raised a smile from most people in the queue and appeared to be getting more attention than a Veyron. Afterwards, Mario got a nice little drive through the country lanes, although he got rather muddy – bath time in the morning, water shortage or not as he’ll be on the Haslemere Classic Car Show stand at the Haslemere Charter Fair tomorrow afternoon and must look spic and span.

Mario in Canada?

Imagine Mario’s surprise when he saw himself in an advert for a Canadian Microcar Show in the American Microclub News. The event called Petite on the Street is a Vintage car Club of Canada event on the first of September. The photo was taken at the Amberley Museum at their microcar day a couple of years ago. Mario is always flattered when he see’s a photo of himself but in this instance it really is a little too far to go to make an appearance in the flesh…

For those local to Haslemere, Mario will be showing his face at the town Charter Fair on Bank Holiday Monday to help advertise the Classic Car Show we organise at the end of the month.  He’ll also be popping down to Breakfast Club at Goodwood on Sunday – the theme is Supercar Sunday and we’ll have to see if we can ‘blag’ in again as Mario really is a “super little car”!!!!