A bit more posing!

Mario doesn’t like to ‘show off’ but he does get to meet so many interesting people in the course of his ‘job’, so here are a few more you might recognise…

Sir Jackie Stewart was delighted to pose by Mario although he got a lift in the AC

Amanda Stretton was filming in the hair salon – we thought she matched Mario rather well.

Adrian Newey was lucky to catch us just as we were leaving the circuit during a Monsoon on Saturday evening, we ran him back to the hotel. Adrian is a big fan of Mario and has been for a ride on several occasions, he likes to chat about the design features and how advanced they were for the time – maybe he’ll take some inspiration for the Red Bull although I don’t think they need anymore help this year, they could clinch the drivers title as early as this weekend in Singapore.

Last but not least some of Mario’s old friends – 007 with the ‘Bond Villians’. These great guys from Derbyshire do the Revival every year complete with pussy, golf clubs and an awesome picnic hamper designed by ‘Q’ – amazingly they can all fit in the Multipla!

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