Mario joins in on a glamorous night out…

Last night Mario did a prom run and took the Daughter of one of his human’s friends and her mates to the Woolmer Hill Prom Night at the Lythe Hill Hotel. It was a shame that after a few lovely warm days the weather changed just as the evening was approaching.

However the damp conditions certainly didn’t dampen the excitement of the ‘big night out’! We picked up our very well turned out passengers just after six thirty and after photo taking we were waved off by the equally excited parents! After a short journey of just a few miles in which Mario was filled with chatter of hairdressers, make-up and frocks we arrived at the hotel. The whole front of the hotel had been cleared so the cars could swing round and deposit their passengers in style in front of quite a large crowd of spectators.

Mario’s guests got out and had their photo’s taken outside the car, maybe Mario will get in the local paper again. Job done, Mario set off for home leaving the passengers to enjoy their last night with their school mates before going onto local 6th forms.

We only saw a few other students arrive but there was certainly a wide and eccentric collection of ‘Taxis’, including a ‘James Bond’ style silver Aston Martin DB5, Americana, vintage Rolls-Royce and various other classics, I hope Josephine and her friends realised how unusual and rare Mario is. Proms are big business these days and are as accepted and important as they have been in the states for years. We have been asked to do prom runs in the past but this is a first for a friends daughter – scary as it seems only five minutes ago she was a baby and now she’s such an elegant young lady!

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