A look back at the Goodwood Revival 2018

Writing the blog unfortunately keeps getting put down the ever growing ‘to do’ list of tasks but finally here is a predominantly photo report on Mario’s favourite weekend of the year – being part of the Goodwood Transport Corps at the Revival. I can’t believe it was four months ago but a cold January day is the perfect time to look back on the wonderful early Autumn sunshine we experienced last September. After the torrential rain of the 2017 Revival, we had perfect conditions.

Mario was packed up with all the kit and we set off for Goodwood. As we turned into the estate, Mario stopped and wouldn’t start again! I couldn’t believe he’d disgraced himself. Luckily Regie and James weren’t far behind and a quick bit of fettling got him back up and running smoothly – phew. We went straight to see the cricket match and flypast before our briefing and sorting our accommodation before supper. Friday dawned with glorious sunshine. No new outfit this year but a few new accessories including these fab 60’s earrings. We were working all afternoon shifts so we were able to have a good look round in the morning. Highlights were cars from the movies, including The Great Escape, Bullet and Le Mans and we saw Howard from Take That who was racing his Porsche! Goodwood were celebrating British Transport and had a real steam train at the entrance with the fabulous GAG (Goodwood Actors Guild) providing the entertaining passengers and crew.Once we were on duty there was no stopping, taking guests back and forwards to the Hotel, Kennels and House. It was a long afternoon as there was the first race of the meeting which ran into the twilight and so we didn’t finish until really late.
The following morning we discovered that in all the panic of the previous evening getting people back after the end of the race, unfortunately one of Mario’s back seats had broken. The seat couldn’t have been properly locked in and so had twisted, pulling out the captive nut. The only thing to do until it could be repaired properly, was to remove the seat, not so much of a problem as we could still take 4 passengers if one sat in the front.
It was good to have the ‘taxi team’ back together. Most people have been doing it for years, so it’s always a reunion of old friends. We transport many familiar faces too, with ‘customers’ coming back year after year. It’s nice to hear people say that we’ve made their weekend.
2018 was a special year as it was the 20th anniversary of the Revival and the GRRC. There were special events held for members over the weekend. The first was a special grid walk at the start of the Rob Walker Parade. A friend and one of James’ customers had his Facel Vega (previously owned by Rob) on the Grid.  Sunday was another beautiful day. We watched the kids get ready for the Settrington Cup, this is always fun and the kids are very determined and competitive.
Not working mornings meant we had a chance to have a good look round the paddocks. There was a tinge of sadness as we had heard the news that Barry ‘Whizzo’ Williams had passed away, he was a big supporter of Goodwood and motorsport in general, at one of the early Revivals James had taken part in a display event on track with Barry.We always have a lot of fun with the Taxi fleet. Up at the house at the fuel and maintenance yard, they had dressed it as ‘Gatwick’ Airport, this is part of a fun competition between the various departments on the estate for a team photo. On Sunday there was a special anniversary parade with winners from over the years of the event. As founder members we were allowed on the grid before the parade, this was very special and the Duke made a speech thanking Members for their support over the years.

All in all, it was one of the best Revivals for a number of years, we did have to work very hard but it is much better in good weather and the shift system allowed us to have time to enjoy the event. We can’t wait to be back in 2019 – Mario already has his contract!


Perfect holiday car…

Mario has been having a well deserved rest after the Revival (the Goodwood blog will be here soon promise!), the humans needed a break too and so they set off in ‘Regie’ the Renault 4cv for a week in Cornwall. While it would be fun to take Mario away, Regie is far more practical as a holiday car, the Dauphine Gordini engine and 4 speed box means that we can keep up safely with everyday traffic, get from A to B in pretty good time, especially if taking the most direct route, it’s comfortable and of course if the weather is good the roof comes down!

We managed to get from home to Polperro a journey of over 200 miles in pretty good time with a stop-off for a ‘cuppa’ part way with the roof down the whole way. Polperro is a very old fishing village with very tiny lanes and you have to park in the main carpark 1km away and get a quad bike and trailer to take your luggage to our cottage – Jane got a lift on the back which brought a smile to her face. We soon settled in to the lovely Pier Inn Studio which was right on the harbour with a balcony over the water.

IMG_0974DSC05108 We spent the week driving around, in St Mawes we found this lovely old garage, loved the AA signpost with london at 263 and a quarter miles to London.DSC05143 DSC05145 In Charlestown they were filming the second season of Poldark – the lovely old harbour was set dressed and looked period perfect but they didn’t want a 1958 car in shot!DSC05160 DSC05165DSC05451 The Cornish lanes are a maze of tiny unmarked roads, we kept seeing these lovely old mile posts… we weren’t lost – honest.DSC05189 We met a supermarket delivery man just up here, he was persuaded that as we hadn’t seen a passing place for over a mile that he should reverse!DSC05191 DSC05201 This is on the main bus route… at least you get a good view.DSC05209 DSC05211 We took several ferries as they can save miles of driving round the inlets, this is the biggest (and cheapest) from Torpoint to Plymouth. One of the others gave us a free trip as we were in such a nice car.DSC05232 Many of the small lanes have grass and vegetation up the middle.DSC05388

DSC05492 DSC05503 This was one of the smallest with a 6 foot width restrictor at the start.DSC05505In Fowey we saw a lovely old sailing ship and a little steam boat – it was just setting off on it’s last journey after 40 years of trips up the river.DSC05662 DSC05666 DSC05687 DSC05688 DSC05696 Two huge tractors are not what you want to meet in a Cornish Lane.DSC05700 regime loved parking by the sea – here on the harbour wall in Mevigessy – and he caused great interest wherever we went.DSC05763 It was unfortunately soon time to leave and James had decided that Regie was small enough to drive down to the cottage to pack up.DSC05810 DSC05818 DSC05822 We went home via some friends in North Devon/Somerset and came across a small Steam festival.DSC05884 DSC05890 The drive over Exmoor along the North Coast was spectacular and the weather was fantastic, beautiful roads around Porlock where the famous Hillclimb is situated, several roads had inclines of 25% some of the steepest in the country but Regie managed pretty well, we were very glad we weren’t in Mario who doesn’t like hills!DSC05904 We finished the holiday with a trip to Banksy’s Dismaland at Weston-Super-Mare, a bemusement park.DSC05940 And we had a good trip back with the roof off in the sunshine.DSC06079