A week on and the weather is much improved…

A lovely sunny day for local business ST Engineering to host an open day and raise some money for the Heart Foundation. Mario ‘bobbled along’ (Multipla terminology!) to St Christophers Green in Haslemere raising smiles and waves from local shoppers – over the winter when we don’t get out much we forget how much attention Mario receives.

A few hours was spent in the sunshine talking to old friends and making some new ones. We handed out lots of fliers for the Haslemere Classic Car Show which will be held just down the road on Lion Green in May.

There was a collection of cars including VW Beetles and campers, some big American Beasties, Jeeps and some nice Vintage offerings.

Haslemere Wardrobe were on hand with a tiny selection of their Vintage clothing. Sunshine, old cars and vintage clothes all herald the start of what looks to be a very exciting 2012 motoring season.

Mario outside ST Engineering's workshops

Mike Mutter's in his Vauxhall

Advertising the Haslemere Classic Car Show

Haslemere Wardrobe with a tiny selection of their vintage clothing

Steve Theobald (right) of ST Engineering and his team, ran a great day and raised money for the Heart Foundation