Blowing away the cobwebs…

Mario finally got an outing on New Years Day and an opportunity to blow away the cobwebs with a run in the countryside. Regular readers will know that he was rather poorly after the strains of the Revival taxi rank and since then James has been rather tied up with major restorations projects which pay for us to eat and so hasn’t had time to investigate the problem. On New Years eve he managed to have a quick look but with no obvious problems brought Mario home, the extended rest must have done him good as he ran well.

So after the festivities of the night before we got up on New Years Day and set off for our regular haunt, the beautiful, unspoilt The Stag at Balls Cross near Petworth for the VSCC local NYD car meet. It was a shame it was a rather overcast and damp day as the rest of the week had been glorious, crisp, cold with bright blue skies, but there was still a good selection of vehicles and they were still arriving as we left. Again Mario ran smoothly so the earlier problems remain a mystery, although James has a few things he wants to investigate further when he has some time. We got a good spot outside the pub and met up with other car enthusiast friends. This was predominately a VSCC meet so Mario did rather stick out as one of the youngest and the brightest there!

DSC08113There were a few later cars there including the fantastic Facel Vega which James works on and which is the car he trapped his finger in the door of, a few weeks before Christmas! We had a lovely surprise when we popped to the bar as James had won a voucher for a meal at the pub in their Christmas Draw so that’s something to look forward to. We’ll leave you with some pictures of the day and wish all our followers a very happy 2015.

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Happy New Year

Mario would like to wish all his readers a very Happy New Year and lots of great motoring in 2014. We’ve had a good year with some exciting highlights, especially appearing in the Telegraph and on TV for Goodwood, Mario’s celebrity is spreading and we have made lots of new friends around the world. Our readers obviously thought the same as September the 26th, the day the TV programme was shown was the busiest ever on the blog.DSC02897

In 2013 Mario’s blog received over 6000 views which is almost double that in 2012, hopefully we will soon get our 10,000 view ever, so please spread the word. We have been  viewed from 88 countries which is pretty awesome, the UK was the most popular followed by the US and Germany but we also got a lot of attention from Russia, Brazil and Argentina plus even a visitor from Mongolia!

We apologise for the lack of blogs over the last few weeks but with preparations for Christmas, not helped by a 19 hour power cut on Christmas Eve and the newest member of the family – Birkin, a four month old kitten, named after Sir ‘Tim’ Birkin the famous ‘Bentley Boys’ racing driver. (our other cat is called Bentley!).

Original 3d car image by Dominik Kosicki

Original 3d car image by Dominik Kosicki

The 1929 Birkin Bentley pictured on our Christmas card, was the most expensive British car sold at a public auction when it went under the hammer for £5.15m at Goodwood in 2012, to an anonymous bidder from outside the UK. An export ban was placed on the car by the UK government allowing Brooklands Museum time to co-ordinate an attempt to raise the £5.15m to purchase it for the nation._69123484_pa-18844705405992-large

We were hoping to take Mario to the Classic Car Meet at Elstead tomorrow on New Years Day but the weather forecast is showing more of the appalling wet and windy weather we have been experiencing so it looks like he and us will be staying tucked up warm and safe. It’s a shame as last year it was a great event with a wide selection of vehicles. There are quite a few traditional New Years Day events taking place tomorrow, maybe there will be some brave souls out there who will brave the elements, so they won’t be a total washout. Hopefully we will have some better winter weather in the near future and we will be able to take Mario out soon.

There are already several motoring events on the calendar including the new 72 members meeting at Goodwood and of course the Haslemere Classic Car Show and Tour which we organise on Sunday 25 May. We have been researching several interesting blog topics and now the festivities are almost out of the way we will be busy posting them. Please keep reading and pass the blog on to others who might be interested.

Happy New Year from Mario x


Goodbye to 2012, hello 2013…

Mario has been a little slack in blogging this last few weeks but to be honest it’s been so wet he hasn’t been inclined to venture out of his snug little garage, now he’s fifty he has to think of his health and try to stay warm and dry! Hopefully the weather will improve soon and it won’t be too long before we go on a little outing, it’ll only be a couple of months until the breakfast club 2013 season starts up and then we’ll be counting down to the Haslemere Classic Car Show which Mario’s ‘human’s’ organise at the end of May.

Of course not all Multipla’s stay indoors in cold weatherwinter-multiplahere’s one competing on one of the Winter Marathons, not really Jane’s thing but James will be off on the Winter Trial in a couple of weeks with Herman in the 1967 Volvo 122S. The event starts on the 20th January check out their progress on the Winter Trial website.

Finally we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our blog readers – according to WordPress stats, Mario’s blog has been viewed 2800 times this year and amazingly by people from 79 countries! So we’d like to wish you all a very happy New Year and here’s to a great year of classic motoring in 2013.

Love Mario (and Jane & James) xx