Absent without leave…

Firstly another apology, sorry we haven’t blogged since February, no real excuse, just a lack of time… but now we fully intend to get back in the flow. Over the next couple of weeks we will tell you what Mario, Regie and the humans have been up to this year in the motoring world and we have lots of interesting finds to share..

To get started though, yesterday was Halloween and popping up on social media was a fantastic Hearse, a wooden carved Cadillac from 1929, looking like something out of a Disney Cartoon, sort of a spooky version of Cinderella’s pumpkin coach. This got us thinking about the fabulous Multipla Hearse we blogged about in 2012 and so started a trawl through the internet.

One normally thinks of a hearse as a dignified, sensible and probably boring way to make that final journey with a bit of respect but my goodness we found some weird and wacky options…

Other types of Fiat and we think an Alfa, practical in the same style as the Multipla, pretty sensible but with a touch of Italian Bling.

An E-Type Jag for the sporty option

Ornate carving is a popular thing…
Top: a Buick 1929
Middle: a Cunningham 1929.
Bottom group: No idea of the cars or dates below but all look like they starred in Wacky Races. I think these are probably in a Funeral Museum in the USA.

Cadillac’s from late 1930’s early 40’s

60’s space age – a huge Cadillac Fleetwood Eureka

And a Buick, found in Greece and currently undergoing restoration.

If you thought the previous ones were ornate, now have a look at the Asian versions, mini temples decked out in gold.

For the Military funeral or just for enthusiasts the Tank Hearse.

For when you want to combine your funeral with a holiday!

No words… The end.


What a way to go…

I found these pictures of a 1/18 scale model 1962 Fiat Multipla Hearse or ‘Carro Funebre’ online. I assume that it is a replica of an actual hearse made from a modified Multipla. I suppose a lot of Italians are quite small but I would have thought it would be quite a struggle to fit a full sized coffin in the back. I don’t think Mario would like the sombre paint work but he might appreciate the ‘bling’ trim! I have no idea how many were made or if any survive but If anybody out there has any information, please send ‘Mario’ a message.

Thanks to Mark who posted a link to an original Multipla Hearse for sale! This special body was made by Carrozzeria Fissone from Savigliano in Piedmont. The company operated between 1921 and 1976 and were involved in the production of the Multipla Beach cars but more of them in another post. The body appears to be extended beyond the back wheels to accommodate the length of the coffin but I guess it makes the access to the engine very difficult. The model for sale looks in really good condition and has only done 5132km. Mario loves the purple seats! It appears to have some of the funeral ‘bling’ included and has an audio system with a microphone. For sale by Vicini Pietro in Pavia for 17,000€, this seems a very reasonable price for something so unique especially as some Multiplas have fetched $40,000 in auction in the US. Would be great to own but obviously not very practical and Mario prefers his passengers as they are rather more animated…

Hope Vicini doesn’t mind but here’s a couple of pics of the model for sale

If you are interested here’s a link to the Italian sales site


However this version isn’t the same as the model and a bit more research found this 1962 ‘Allestita’ model which was for sale in 2009 with 19,700km and reported to be the only example in the world. At the moment I haven’t been able to find out any more information but here’s a couple of pictures.