Old ideas never die…

The ‘new’ Multipla is launched

3 years after the ‘first new’ Multipla was discontinued and fifty years after ‘Mario’, Fiat have announced a replacement. Basically like Mario a ‘stretched’  500.  The ‘Living’ or MPW as it will be known in the UK is 200mm longer than the 500 to allow for a third row of seats which fold flat into the floor (5 + 2) to give either 7 seats or additional luggage space. The base level Minivan will have a tiny 900cc engine. Offically launched  on the 4th July, significant as the original 500 was launched on 4th July 1957 and the new 500 on 4th July 2007. It will go on sale in Italy in September.

New cars aren’t our thing but interesting that the concept hasn’t changed – take your ‘small’ tiny engined car and stretch it to make it practical for people and luggage  – just like Mario.


rear MPW

multipla_closeup 0064