Silverstone Classic

Yet another outing without Mario – he’ll be stomping his little wheels in dismay. Anyway some friends had invited us along to the Silverstone Classic and to join them in their hospitality so on a Saturday in August off we went to Northampton. We had a lovely clear run and it only took an hour and twenty minutes to get to with 5 miles of the circuit, then another hour and a half to do the last five miles! Doesn’t need saying that someone was rather grumpy!

Still we found our friends in the queue and made it along to our hospitality suite where an early bottle of wine made it all seem a little more relaxed.

I have to say that although the Silverstone Classic is one of the biggest in the country and is the second biggest event at Silvestone after the Grand-Prix, it isn’t an event I especially enjoy. The cars and racing are good but Silverstone is such a dismal place with everything so spread out between the two pit areas, meaning that you either have to queue for ages for a bus or take a long miserable walk. You can always bet that whoever you are trying to meet or the car you want to see is in the opposite area to you are. This all results in so much time being wasted.

Not going to say anymore but here are some pictures from the day, on the track and in the pits.

Classic SaloonsDSC03312

Pre war – my favourite raceDSC03328 DSC03332 DSC03333 DSC03336 DSC03337 DSC03339 DSC03343 DSC03350 DSC03351 DSC03357 DSC03364 DSC03365 DSC03366 DSC03367 DSC03370 DSC03379 DSC03387 DSC03398Old F1 are always good to see
DSC03410 DSC03412 Lovely mercedes in the paddock with beautiful made to measure and match luggageDSC03416 DSC03417 DSC03418 Great transporterDSC03422 DSC03427 Favourite car of the day, a sweet BMW IsettaDSC03428 DSC03429 DSC03430 DSC03434 DSC03488It was nice meeting up with people and we had a good lunch. We didn’t stay to see Status Quo in the evening as they weren’t on until about 9am and so we left about seven and had a trouble free run home.¬†We did have a good day but it isn’t an event I would pay to go to. Luckily we went on the Saturday when the weather was hot and sunny as on the Friday and Sunday there was torrential rain!

Coming soon, Mario at Breakfast club