Sunshine for Drive-it-Day

DSCN6765Drive-it-Day is organised by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs to encourage owners in the UK to use their historic vehicles and celebrate the UK’s transport heritage. Local groups run their individual events under the federations banner. The day is held as close as possible to the anniversary of the Royal Automobile Club One Thousand Mile Trial which started on 23 April 1900, when 65 vehicles left Hyde Park Corner in London for an epic trip around Great Britain.

James goes to a car club MPH2 and had been asked by the club Chairman Tony, to come up with an event for the group on Drive-it-day. So on Sunday 22 April which was a lovely sunny day, we met up with the group at the Lythe Hill Hotel. After a coffee on the terrace, James sent the cars off at two minute intervals, each team was given a copy map on which a route was marked with arrows and a sheet with photos of landmarks such as signs, post boxes etc. Navigators had to guide the driver round the route through some lovely country lanes and villages, while keeping a keen eye out for the landmarks which they had to take their own photo of. The route was around 40 miles, mainly in the South Downs National Park and in the MPH2 (Midhurst, Petworth, Haslemere) area.


Once we’d set everybody on their way, we slipped off to collect Mario so he didn’t miss out on Drive-it-Day. We obviously couldn’t take part as we knew the route but had a lovely sunny ‘bobble’ along the country lanes at meet up with everyone at the halfway point.DSCN6866

We had a lovely lunchstop at one of our regular pubs The Stag at Balls Cross, Jane and Mark the new landlords did us proud with a reserved car park, delicious buffet lunch and glorious sunshine so we could all sit outside while James checked off the mornings photographic efforts.DSCN6802It was soon time for the 14 teams to leave for part two. The cars a mixture of classic and modern included several Jaguar E-types and a Mark 2, a Triumph Stag, Rolls Royce, MG, and a Sunbeam Talbot. By now everybody had got the hang of it and set off with enthusiasm.

Mario had a gentle meander back to The Lythe Hill, stopping off for a woodland photo shoot on route and to look at some cute lambs.

DSCN6819DSCN6825DSCN6854 Once all the cars had finished, everyone gathered for a drink on the hotel terrace and the final round up of results. All seemed to have had an enjoyable day, some with better observation than others! All of the photo’s had been spotted by at least one of the competitors so it would seem that the difficulty level was about right. One team, new members Peter and Jan won, dropping just 5 points over the whole day.DSCN6872

So all in all a lovely Spring outing, on route we spotted loads of other classics on the road,  some taking part in other organised events. Our classics are there to be driven and Drive-it-Day just encourages this and lets people see just how many historic vehicles are out there still and what an important part they still play in the economy.

Mario certainly enjoyed being out in the sunshine – a total contrast to his last trip out in March at the Goodwood Members Meeting. We will post about this very soon but it’s taken a while to sort the all the photos…

Blowing away the cobwebs…

Mario finally got an outing on New Years Day and an opportunity to blow away the cobwebs with a run in the countryside. Regular readers will know that he was rather poorly after the strains of the Revival taxi rank and since then James has been rather tied up with major restorations projects which pay for us to eat and so hasn’t had time to investigate the problem. On New Years eve he managed to have a quick look but with no obvious problems brought Mario home, the extended rest must have done him good as he ran well.

So after the festivities of the night before we got up on New Years Day and set off for our regular haunt, the beautiful, unspoilt The Stag at Balls Cross near Petworth for the VSCC local NYD car meet. It was a shame it was a rather overcast and damp day as the rest of the week had been glorious, crisp, cold with bright blue skies, but there was still a good selection of vehicles and they were still arriving as we left. Again Mario ran smoothly so the earlier problems remain a mystery, although James has a few things he wants to investigate further when he has some time. We got a good spot outside the pub and met up with other car enthusiast friends. This was predominately a VSCC meet so Mario did rather stick out as one of the youngest and the brightest there!

DSC08113There were a few later cars there including the fantastic Facel Vega which James works on and which is the car he trapped his finger in the door of, a few weeks before Christmas! We had a lovely surprise when we popped to the bar as James had won a voucher for a meal at the pub in their Christmas Draw so that’s something to look forward to. We’ll leave you with some pictures of the day and wish all our followers a very happy 2015.

DSC08114 DSC08115 DSC08116 DSC08118 DSC08119 DSC08120 DSC08121DSC08127 DSC08123 DSC08124 DSC08125 DSC08126
DSC08128 DSC08130 DSC08132 DSC08134 DSC08135 DSC08136 DSC08137 DSC08139 DSC08141 DSC08142 DSC08143 DSC08144 DSC08145 DSC08146 DSC08147 DSC08148 DSC08149 DSC08151 DSC08152 DSC08153 DSC08154 DSC08155 DSC08156 DSC08157 DSC08158