Perfect day for a picnic and cars…

Last Sunday was the Goodwood Road Racing Club Open Day at Goodwood House. A perfect summer day. We took Regie the 4cv Renault for two reasons, firstly we could have the roof down and secondly Regie needed a pre-revival (and holiday) test drive, as he has lovely newly restored cream wheels which look good and have solved a wobble a certain speeds. We spent a lovely relaxing day with friends, looking at the displayed cars and enjoying a picnic.

The selected cars to exhibit in front of the house, were the usual mixture of old and new, exotic and everyday. DSC01198 DSC01199DSC01201The Saab was lovely and beautifully restored.DSC01204 DSC01205 I really fancy having one of these Volvo P1800’s.DSC01207 Our friend Richard’s 1999 Dare Ginetta G4 and is a modern recreation of the 60’s Ginetta G4 sports. Dare is run by the designer of the original G4.DSC01208 Personally my favourite of the day, this lovely 1967 Autobianchi Biachina Panoramica. Have always wanted the convertible version as driven by Audrey Hepburn in ‘How to steal a million’ but loved this estate version which I hadn’t seen before.DSC01211 DSC01213 DSC01216Cleo and Robyn from The GRRC had fun trying to sort the votes for the car of the day.DSC01200The winner was this rather impressive Alfa 6C but I wish we had got everybody to vote for the 3 wheel Reliant Robin, as the winner is going to be displayed in the RAC club in Pall Mall London for a week and I’d love to have seen their faces when the Robin turned up!DSC01227There were free funfair rides for the kids, including this wonderful Austin J40 car ride. James was especially interested as he’s in the middle of restoring a J40 pedal car for the Setterington Cup at the Revival – he could have done with acquiring a few parts!DSC01217 DSC01218 DSC01219 DSC01220 DSC01221 DSC01222At Wheels Day earlier in the year James had bought me a lovely vintage individual picnic set to use as a ‘Gin Box’, this was it’s first outing, using the flask for ice and there was enough room for a couple of doubles with garnish. Think this will get well used.DSC01230 DSC01236

Salon Privé

Bit of old news here but as I didn’t have a blog in June I thought I just share with you our trip to Salon Privé. Earlier in the year we were invited to take part in this prestigious Concours D’ Elegance at Syon Park. This is one of the top concours in the country and it was quite an honour to be invited even if we were to be in a class entitled ‘Oddballs’! Our class was made up of rather obscure vehicles including a 1914 Twombly (scooter car) a Fiat Topolino, Tatra and the amazing Dymaxion (more of this to come in another blog), so we spent three days in good company quaffing Champagne and eating lobster while people watching.

The other classes were for much more exclusive offerings – Rolls-Royce, Grand Prix racers, Ferrari 250s and thirties tourers. The overall car of the show was a beautiful Alfa Romeo 6c which Mussolini had given to his mistress. The daily parades were great fun with the crowd enjoying ‘Mario’s’ appearance with lots of calls of ‘Bellissimo’, for the judging parade we ‘kidnapped’ some attractive people to sit in the back drinking champagne to demonstrate the spaciousness of the tiny multipla. Rod Stewart seemed to appriciate it taking pictures of us as we drove past.

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