A ‘Wheely’ good day out – Wheels Day 2014

ssr posterGood Friday traditionally means a trip to Wheels Day. Organised by the Surrey Street Rodders this show has been going locally in various venues for 40 years and these days incorporates everything from the original Hot Rods and custom cars to American, Classics, Sports, trucks, buses, bikes and to be honest quite a few dreadful vehicles which shouldn’t be allowed near a show!

Mario has been attending regularly since we have had him and as always is very popular, his cuteness, shape and colour scheme seems to bridge the gap between the various genres and appeal to everybody. This year for the first time the event was held at Dunsfold  Aerodrome, home of ‘Top Gear’. It’s a good location for us as it’s nearer and a lovely cross country drive which brings us in on the southside which seemed much less crowded. We arrived around 10am and drove straight in but the good weather and the 40th anniversary had brought cars out in droves and we spent some time being parked up!

The rest of this post will be a series of pictures of things that caught our eye. Over the years we have witnessed the changing fashions in hot rods and customs, the current style seems to be what I’d call ‘Sheddy’.  Stuff made to look (in most cases) in an unrestored condition with ‘rust’ and bare metal showing. Lots of the cars are ‘slammed’ and ‘chopped’ e.g. the suspension when stationery lowers the car so the sills are barely above the ground and the roof line is lowered so the windows are long and thin. The immaculate and heavily painted, flamed and chromed cars of previous years are quite few and far between these days with a much smoother and simpler single colour look being dominant.

Mario was again used to advertise our forthcoming car show.DSC07979 An immaculate classic –  4.0R Vanden PlasDSC07983

1950’s Plymouth Station WagonDSC07984 A really cool Batman ice cream/snack wagon, think it was based on a Mark 3 Escort, love the glass bubble in the top so the vendor can stand upright!DSC07987 Allegro Police Car – bit worried about James’ growing love for 70’s and 80’s ‘shitters’ the thing is they were pretty unloved at the time and hence very few have survived making them rare and quite ‘desirable’ these days!! We will not be adding any to the family though.DSC07991 A ‘sheddy’ slammed Citroen Dyane, big wheels and big engineDSC07992 We bumped into a guy we hadn’t seen for years. Thirty odd years ago we were all in the venture scouts together and Geoff sold James his first ‘classic’ a Ford Cortina Mark II 1500GT complete with a roll back roof and a fur fabric headlining. Geoff was showing off his recently finished project another GT Cortina. Absolutely immaculate the new white paintwork was dazzling.DSC07997DSC08000DSC07998 This Mini had a very original bonnet – copies of the Beano.DSC08006 I loved this bus, afraid I know nothing about it other than it had been converted into a motorhome, and it had a fantastic New York Liberty Tours paint jobDSC08008 DSC08010 Now this is the car that really took our eye, think it would make a stunning BIG brother for Mario, although I’d never be able to park it! It’s a Hudson Hornet and it was for Sale… if we win the lottery tonight! The second one parked behind is in race spec and has competed at Goodwood.DSC08018 DSC08022 DSC08024 This Mercury was amazing, subtle in two-tone cream and white with great lines, room for all your friends too.DSC08027 DSC08028 DSC08030 Probably the rarest car at the show – A Mazda MX4 twin rotor wankel engine and again totally immaculate.DSC08031 DSC08033 Another Hudson, maybe this colour scheme would fit in better with the ‘family’. The interior was blue and black zebra fur!DSC08040 Simca 1100, the engine is fitted with ‘twin webers’ in a better conditions than it would have been new inside and out.DSC08041 DSC08043 Classic CapriDSC08044 DSC08045 Chevy Bell-Air. Station Wagon’s are increasingly popularDSC08048 On the way home we stopped to take a few new pictures of Mario.DSC08065 DSC08073Happy Easter Love Mario xx


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