Where have all the French Classics gone?

No blog updates for a little while as we managed to take short break in Normandy, I was hoping to write about the classics we’d seen and a small museum we went to years ago. Unfortunately there was no sign of the museum in any of the tourist outlets, it was a private collection of an old man so guess it has closed and been dispersed.

What was more disappointing was the lack of classic vehicles on the road, I know it was October but the weather was good. On holiday throughout Europe from the late 80’s onwards we’d would play counting games with points for classics spotted. On one memorable trip around Italy maybe 20 years ago there were so many Fiat 500’s that I was only allowed points if I spotted them first – not easy when you are playing against an eagle-eyed car nut but I had still clocked up over 1000 within the first week!

This trip we hardly saw a classic vehicle on the road or parked in driveways. I didn’t manage to spot a single Renault 4cv or even the later Dauphine. Was this because of changes in regulations or has the increase in value of many of these everyday cars meant that those which have survived are tucked up safe and secure and not used much? Even on a midweek winters day you are likely to see a classic on the British Roads and plenty of people use everyday classics as runabouts, hopefully we were just unlucky and there are plenty out there in the French Countryside.

What we did see…
A garage ‘specialising’ in ‘old vehicles’ but when we went in only a tiny handful in the showroom were for sale and apart from a few along the front most of the others just seemed to be sitting there ‘rotting away’ hopefully they might get restored one day. The collection was mainly Citroen 2cv’s in various states of decay plus a rather nice Volkswagon Kübelwagon, VW Beatles, Mini’s, Renault 4’s, Citroen H-van and a funny little cycle-car.

DSC03788 DSC03790 DSC03791 DSC03792 A tank displayed at Pegasus bridgeDSC03799 A very clean Porsche 911 being professionally photographed at Chateau Breuil Calvados DistilleryDSC04249 A lovely old Citroen truck which i think might be a Citroen C4 Forgone on display outside the Graindorge Cheese FactoryDSC04265 And a lovely Citroen H-Van on the side of the road which looked like it was actually used.DSC04279 And finally a Citroen Mehari in Trouville, appeared to be in regular use and even had a disabled parking badge!DSC04304


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