All aboard for a tour of the future…

We’re off on our hols but unfortunately we wont be travelling in this fantastic futuristic bus.20120722-123401

This fabulous vehicle was commissioned in the 50’s by Groupe Cityrama a tour Operator in Paris. French coachbuilders Currus built the bus using a truck chassis and then created the beautiful double decker with wrap around glass. The luxury bus had plush seats, panoramic windows and tinted skylights. In the hot summer months the roof could be removed, no doubt a welcome feature as I expect it would get rather hot under all that glass. Each seat was fitted with speakers giving a Paris guide in eight languages. 20120722-123335 20120722-123427 U55Currus-5_Interieur-haut U55Currus-7_Arrierei542783

A great success, the ‘space age’ bus cruised the Boulevards of Paris in the late 50’s and early 60’s giving a spectacular view of the sights and no doubt being a ‘tourist sight’ in their own right. They even appeared in a couple of popular French films of the time, ‘Zazie Dans le Metro’  a 1960 comedy directed by Louis Malle, where a 12 year old girl explores Paris on her own and Le Corniaud (the Sucker) a gangster parody released in 1965.U55Currus-120120722-123350

It would be brilliant to see these on the road today and they would still look modern. Rumour (and pictures) has it that at least one is still in existence and undergoing restoration, lets hope so.20120722-144908 20120722-144936


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