Italian Sunday at Goodwood Breakfast Club

Last Sunday was the final Breakfast Club of the year at the Goodwood Circuit. Mario was pre-registered and had the required circuit access pass so we set off on a beautiful if initially slightly chilly autumn morning. We had a good run over the downs, past the queuing public traffic and were waved into the circuit and onto the pit straight to park up. Immediately there was a crowd around the ever popular Mario. We stopped and chatted to some old friends and followers and then left Mario to bask in the glory while we had a wander round the rest of the grid and the paddocks.

There was a good turnout and obviously a ‘sea of red’, not only the large Ferrari contingent but a lot of the Fiats and Alfa’s also appeared to be in various shades of crimson. Under the paddock garages you could actually see a reflected ‘red glow’.DSC03590

DSC03581 DSC03583Mario wasn’t the only Multipla there, this smart red over cream version comes from Southsea and is often at Goodwood events.


Rather laid back and unassuming, this Ferrari 250 was one of the most valuable cars on display.

DSC03588This rather cute and tiny moped was attraction a lot of attention parked alongside the Ferrari’s, from the 60’s it was really neat and compact and in beautiful condition.

DSC03592 DSC03595 Another of Mario’s friends – the Topolino, comes from Fernhurst and has been to the Haslemere Car Show several times and also appeared at Salon Privé with Mario in the ‘oddball’ class.

The car we would most liked to have taken home was this lovely special bodied Fiat Abarth 750. Basically ‘Mario in disguise’ with a few more performance parts, it was beautiful and must be great fun to drive. Again presented in great condition with some lovely points of detail.DSC03603 DSC03604 DSC03605 DSC03607 DSC03608 DSC03609 DSC03610 DSC03612 This lovely Lancia Aurelia B20 series 6 has been recently purchased by one of James’ clients and he has been working on it quite a bit ironing out some of those ‘new car’ issues and starting to restore some areas such as the braking system. It is a lovely looking car with great lines and a real sense of luxury.DSC03615 The crowds were still gathering around Mario and we saw one small boy running down the track towards him shouting out ‘Mummy, Mario’s here’ – it’s always good to have the fans come to visit, Mario is particularly popular with children it must be the colour and quirky appearance makes them relate him to cartoon films like Pixar’s Cars.DSC03620 DSC03624 DSC03628 DSC03632 There weren’t as many Fiat 500’s as I was expecting in fact there was probably more of the new version about, this little Abarth was sweet and the 500 conversion was a lot of fun, at least on a sunny day!DSC03633 DSC03635 DSC03644 When it came time to leave we saw a sight not often viewed through Mario’s windscreen, another Multipla – as we were going on for an afternoon at the seaside we followed the other one down the A27 and through Southsea, people certainly looked twice, it’s rare enough to see  one on the road, yet alone two!DSC03645 DSC03647


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