A classic start to 2013…

After what seems like months of rain, New Years Day was bathed in sunshine with blue skies, so although Mario was left tucked up, we hitched a lift in our friends 3.4 Jaguar Saloon (MK 1) and had a lovely drive to The Elstead Inn, near Midhurst, West Sussex for one of many New Year car meets taking place around the country.

A great selection of vehicles turned up for this popular gathering, both vintage and classics. We spent a great couple of hours chatting to like minded enthusiasts. The smallest car there was a tiny Austin Swallow. Personal favourites were a beautiful french BNC and the little yellow Austin 7. It was a bit disappointing not to have got Mario out as he would have loved being there but we had no idea it would turn out to be such a beautiful day and he is currently safely installed in a Carcoon, still there will hopefully be many more opportunities later in the year.

So here are some pics of very good start to a classic 2013…
DSC05874 DSC05876 DSC05898 DSC05901 DSC05904 DSC05906 DSC05911 DSC05914 DSC05917 DSC05918 DSC05928 DSC05937 DSC05938 DSC05941 DSC05947 DSC05893


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