Lovely day for a picnic…

The hot weather has made me a bit lazy with blogging but we’ve been out and about so some more posts coming soon. Sunday 12 August was the Goodwood Road Racing Club open day. After a rather soggy summer it was actually a lovely day and what better excuse for a picnic. Mario is of course the perfect picnicing vehicle with plenty of space for tables, chairs and vast baskets of food and if it does rain there is room for the guests to eat in comfort.

Held at Goodwood House a selection of chosen members cars are on display around the carriage circle. Mario was unlucky this time and wasn’t chosen but we had special parking in the Ballroom car park with other classics which made an interesting attraction in it’s own right. The main display is a mix of all sorts of vehicles old and modern. Amongst the interesting exhibits was a great little DKW van. Our friends Mike and Jan brought their Minerva and Mark and Richard from Derbyshire came down with their Tandem fresh from the London Tweed Run and looked the part wearing their tweeds, despite the heat.



Joined by Mario’s friend, BlueBelle the Convertible Morris Minor and René the Convertible Renault 4cv and their humans, an enormous picnic lunch was produced, Mario was delighted to see that a Multipla had even made it’s way onto the olive packaging…

A lovely relaxing afternoon was had by all, chatting about cars and eating delicious food, Mario even got another young fan the beautifully co-ordinating Georgina.



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