Pole position at Goodwood

After a few weeks of bad weather and Mario being a little poorly we were determined to go to the Goodwood Breakfast Club yesterday. Although we woke up to rain the forecast was for it to improve and for once they were right.

We had a lovely drive down the A286 to Singleton and then up past the race course. For once there didn’t seem to be any queuing to get in and we were directed straight onto the track and told to park in pole position at the end of the pit lane. Mario had a taster of what’s to come at the Revival, now less than 6 weeks away with an immediate crowd of admirers. It was good to meet some of his followers on this blog and his facebook page, and sign up a few more – Mario now has 80 ‘likes’ on Fb it would be great to get to 100 by the Revival!

While Mario sat and basked in the attention the humans had a wander around, as this was the pre-revival breakfast club with a pre-1966 theme there didn’t seem to be as many classics there as usual, maybe the bad forecast combined with holidays and the olympics put some off? We met up with several friends car and human and spent a pleasant couple of hours before setting off from home.

Another good drive just marred by an idiot in a Audi A5 who objected to Mario’s rather slow uphill speed and proceeded to overtake on double white lines and then stick his fingers up – charming. Some people are just very inconsiderate of classic vehicles on the road and are the main reason we avoid using busy roads and try to keep to the country routes where we can. I just wish we had been heading into Midhurst where we know a great shortcut which would have allowed us to ‘reappear’ in front further up the road, now that would really have p***ed them off!


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