It’s still raining…

The endless rain of this summer has not encouraged Mario to come out of the garage, it’s not that he worries about getting wet but the weather just doesn’t lend itself to the normal summer activities of trips to the seaside and lazy picnics both of which Mario is perfect for.

In fact Mario has gone to stay in a friends garage for a few days to create some needed workshop space, not sure if he was particularly keen on this as for the first time in a long while he’s a little sick – nothing to worry about just a seal let go and let the water out, hopefully all will be put right at the weekend, you never know it might stop raining and we can have a little drive.

In the meantime here are a few pics from the Classic Le Mans held last weekend kindly supplied by friends who attended…

Firstly a Multipla (pic by Christopher Wigdol) in Rome Taxi colours, although we can’t see the registration this is the car which we saw at the Revival last year, you can still see the paddock pass in the windscreen. We thought it was a team support car at Goodwood so maybe the owners were racing here too.

And here’s a couple taken by Steve Flynn. Mario has an older brother ‘Regie’, a Renault 4cv so he was quite excited to these these two. One was competing in the Classic Le Mans, of course in the 50’s Renault competed in the full 24 hour race with both factory and special body 4cv’s and won their class.

The other picture shows a 4cv in Paris Police livery, this is a replica because (anorak on) the original police cars had the front doors cut down so it was possible to fire a gun easily!


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