Brooklands day two

A lovely sunny day for day two, very welcome after the past few weeks, we’ve been very lucky this weekend other than the wind yesterday. Today was a slightly different format, our first task of the day was a few parade laps around the Mercedes Benz world test track. It’s a very tight track so Mario didn’t seem to be too slow and managed to keep up with the rest of the field.

Next up was the concours judging, unfortunately we prefer having fun to polishing and can’t be bothered with the this is/isn’t right, the judges a Frenchman and a Swiss didn’t appear too interested in Mario and his bunting and corgi wasn’t understood at all! If it had been up to the public we would have won hands down, as usual Mario’s fan club was much in attendance.
The final part of the day w four more tests, feeling more confident we found ourselves discussing the fastest route, worryingly competitive. A third run up the hill was successfully completed folded by two simple quick tests performed on the banking and finally parking in a series of five ‘garages’ and a tight circle. We felt we were performing well and certainly didn’t make idiots of ourselves. It was a shame that the link between our class was lady drivers as the cars were the most varied class which unfortunately meant we were in competition with much more powerful vehicles. The winning e-type had an engine eight times larger than Mario so although we tried our best and didn’t make any mistakes we couldn’t get anywhere near their time.
Our final placing was only 9 out of 12 but not really representative of our performance, but never mind, taking part and having a great time was our intention and we certainly achieved that.




The last two pics are others in our class and the top three – the e-type and two Morgans, others including a Bentley, Bristol and MGA.
We should receive the full results in due course so will update with some times later.


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