Brooklands Double Twelve

Today was the first day of the Brooklands Double Twelve competition. Mario with driver Jane and co-driver Jan were in the Coup des Dames class with an assortment of entries including an e-type, a Bentley and a Bristol. We had never done a driving test before and with the first test of the day being the test hill we were rather nervous. We needn’t have worried and Mario sailed up in first gear to the crowds delight, after that we were in the swing of it all and driving round bales, into boxes and stopping across lines became a great fun experience. We don’t know our times yet but only made one mistake in the two runnings of the four tests so feel we can hold our heads high.

Really enjoyed the day and there was gorgeous cake too! Looking forward to going back tomorrow for another round of tests, some parade laps around Mercedes Benz World track and a concours competition, hoping it might be a little less windy tomorrow so that hats and furs stay in position. Will be back tomorrow to let you know how we got on.

At the bottom of the test hill.

Made it…

One of the driving tests – one of them was mainly in reverse!


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