I’m a celebrity, get me out of here…

Poor Mario, set off for the Goodwood Breakfast club today but due to the recent wet weather Goodwood decided not to open the fields for public parking as there were fears they would become too damaged before the Festival of Speed. Well Mario picked up the traffic jam before the Kennels and it was soooo slow. All the traffic had to go past the circuit, round the Rolls Royce rounderbout and back to the circuit where they tried to park all the cars – themed and public. Even though it was wet, Supercar Sunday always attracts the biggest crowd so it was chaos!

We don’t normally bother with this one as Supercars aren’t really our thing but as we wanted to promote the Haslemere Classic Car show we persevered. It took over two and a half hours from Haslemere to the circuit, worse then on a major event day. Poor Mario was very confused, he just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t just waved passed as he is when being a taxi at the Revival – he thought that no one realised he was a celebrity!

However as always he raised a smile from most people in the queue and appeared to be getting more attention than a Veyron. Afterwards, Mario got a nice little drive through the country lanes, although he got rather muddy – bath time in the morning, water shortage or not as he’ll be on the Haslemere Classic Car Show stand at the Haslemere Charter Fair tomorrow afternoon and must look spic and span.


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