Salon Privé

Bit of old news here but as I didn’t have a blog in June I thought I just share with you our trip to Salon Privé. Earlier in the year we were invited to take part in this prestigious Concours D’ Elegance at Syon Park. This is one of the top concours in the country and it was quite an honour to be invited even if we were to be in a class entitled ‘Oddballs’! Our class was made up of rather obscure vehicles including a 1914 Twombly (scooter car) a Fiat Topolino, Tatra and the amazing Dymaxion (more of this to come in another blog), so we spent three days in good company quaffing Champagne and eating lobster while people watching.

The other classes were for much more exclusive offerings – Rolls-Royce, Grand Prix racers, Ferrari 250s and thirties tourers. The overall car of the show was a beautiful Alfa Romeo 6c which Mussolini had given to his mistress. The daily parades were great fun with the crowd enjoying ‘Mario’s’ appearance with lots of calls of ‘Bellissimo’, for the judging parade we ‘kidnapped’ some attractive people to sit in the back drinking champagne to demonstrate the spaciousness of the tiny multipla. Rod Stewart seemed to appriciate it taking pictures of us as we drove past.

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